PayPal Requirements

PayPal creates the connection between your bank account and Go Get Funding. Adding PayPal details to our site allows you to accept donations via credit and debit card in addition to through PayPal accounts.


It's easy and free to create a PayPal account. Just visit and you'll be taken through the steps.


Our site requires that you provide your PayPal email address, first name and last name. Your details are automatically checked against PayPal and if they don't match PayPal's records, you will see an error message.


The most common issues are not being verified or entering incorrect details - omitting a middle name for example or using an email address that is not associated with PayPal.


If you are having any PayPal issues, it is because your account does not meet one of the following five required criteria:



1. Your PayPal account needs to be verified (bank account added)


2. Your email address must be confirmed (email address confirmed)


3. Your account must be a Business or Premier account


4. Your account must be capable of accepting the currency you've selected.


5. Your Payment Receiving Preferences must be set to allow "Send Money" payments



Here are instructions on how to enable each element:



1. Getting verified


See PayPal info on getting verified.


If you are not verified, when you login to, just beneath your welcome message it will say 'Status: Unverified'. That will have a link next to it which prompts you to get verified.


Depending on your country, it may take a number of days for your account to become verified, so please plan accordingly.

If your account is pending verification, click the 'Save & Finish Later' link in step 4 of the listing process. Your fundraiser will then be saved in the drafts tab of your personal dashboard. When ready, simply edit your fundraiser and add your PayPal details. Then click 'Create Fundraising Project' and you'll go live!


If you need to raise money immediately, consider using the verified PayPal details of a trusted member of your family or friends that is involved in your fundraiser. PayPal is used by hundreds of millions of people around the world so the chances are you'll know someone that has a verified account.




2. Confirm your email address


When you set up a new PayPal account, you will be asked to confirm the email address that you registered with by clicking on a link they'll send you. This page adds some more detail if required.




3. Upgrading to a Business / Premier account


You can connect a verified PayPal personal account to our site. However, you need a Business of Premier account in order to also receive donations by credit and debit card. It's easy and free to upgrade and you'll also get the benefit of having monthly receiving limits removed. Here's how to do upgrade:


1.  Login at


2. On the login (My Account) page, just beneath your welcome message there will be a link that says 'Upgrade'. Click that.





4. Enable your account for your currency


Your PayPal account needs to be able to accept the currency you've selected. If you are seeing a currency related error message, here's how to add your preferred currency:


1. On, go to the My Account >> Profile and click My money


2. Under the PayPal Balance section, find the "more" drop-down and click on the Currencies link


3. Select your currency from the "Select new currency" drop-down menu 


4. Hit the Add Currency button




5. Allow your account to send payments


Our site automatically deducts our fees by forwarding our commission amount (3.5%) from your account once you receive a donation. Therefore, your account needs to be able to send payments. If for any reason that is not enabled, here's how to activate it:


1. Log into


2. Click the Profile button >> Click My Selling Tools


3. Expand the section titled "Getting paid and managing my risk" and click the Update button across from Block Payments. Please note that these settings will not be available until you have upgraded your account to a Business or Premier account first.

4. In the 'Block payments from users who" section, uncheck the "Initiate payments from the Pay Anyone subtab of the Send Money tab".



5. Click "save"



Note: If you see an error message that states that your country is not enabled to receive payments, your PayPal account may be located in a country that PayPal is unable to receive funds with. For a complete list of country-specific PayPal restrictions, see:

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